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Award – The Most Moving Film at SEFF!

Winner of Szczecin European Film Festival
March 8, 2017

Festivals are an integral part of being a filmmaker, and especially for self-shooters like myself, they give a great opportunity to bounce some ideas and interact with fellow film-loving crowd. I grab every chance I get to attend, whenever my films are being screened and finally I had an honour of presenting one of my documentaries in Poland!

Szczecin European Film Festival 2016 gave me an outlet to screen for the first time in my home country. The experience was a blend of energetic people, great films and a truly charming host city. At the end, the short film “Rèsce la Lune” that I co-directed with Giulia Di Battista even won “The Most Moving Film” award! Below you can see some snippets from the film and my interview.

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