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Chinese High Tea

June 11, 2014
Documentary, Film


Have you ever heard of a high tea, the one with the assorted creamy delights, popular among Britons? Well, this innocent idiom has its much naughtier Chinese meaning. A brief visit to a tea house explains the nuances of the Kung Fu Cha – the traditional and most practical of all the Chinese tea brewing ceremonies.


Courtesy of Pak Siew Yong and the Zheng He Tea House in Melaka, Malaysia.


// Camera : Canon 5d Mark II,
// Lenses : Canon 100 2.8 IS, Canon 17-40 F4 L
// Audio: Rode VideMic Pro (on camera)
// Editing/Grading : After Effects, Premiere Pro
// Music : Moon Reflected on Erquan Pond Erhu by Zhou We


//Director/ DOP/ Editor: Gloria Kurnik


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