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Fiction Reel 2016

August 26, 2016

Some selected shots from my recent fictional projects up to March 2016. My role as a Director and DoP or only DoP is highlighted in the right top corner.

The projects are as follows:
- “Connessione” – Role: Director and DoP
- “Bridges” – Role: Director and DoP
- “The Stock” by Sara Cardillo – Role: DoP
- “La Morte” – Role: Director and DoP
- “The Red Death” by Anaïs Llácer and Rene Ferrero – Role: DoP
- “Hutch” by Giulia Di Battista – Role: DoP
- “Jump Teacher” by Fabio Romanelli – Role: Cinematographer
- “La (R)esistenza” – Role: Director and DoP
- “80 gr/m2″ by Giulia Di Battista – Role: DoP
- “L’arancia” – Role: Director and DoP
- “Un uomo vivo” by Simone Vacca – Role: DoP
- “Stolen” – Role: Director and DoP
- “Old man, one day” by Sarah Howell – Role: DoP

Special thanks to CinemadaMare that gave me the freedom to shoot many of those films, and acknowledged me with the Achievement Award as the best filmmaker of 2015 edition.

Documentary reel and commercial reel are going to follow soon so stay tuned.


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