Gloria Kurnik | Visual Storyteller | Documentary filmmaker (director, preditor and camerawoman) based in Asia.


January 26, 2016

Silent, Still by Sarah Howell (Narrative, Short, 2016)

Director of Photography


Palm Weavers of Carey Island by Rashid Esa (Docudrama, 2016)

Director of Photography


The Red Death by Rene Ferrero and Anice Fisher (Experimental, Short, 2015)

Director of Photography


80gr/m2 by Giulia Di Battista (Narrative, Short, 2015) 15:30

Director of Photography


La (R)esistenza (Narrative, Short, 2015) 12:17

Director/Director of Photography


La Morte (Narrative, Short, 2016)

Director/Director of Photography


La Resa by Paolo Torchio (Narrative, Short, 2015) 12:00

Director of Photography


Un Uomo Vivo by Sinmone Vacca (Short, 2015)

Director of Photography


Bridges (Narrative, Short, 2015) 9:43

Director/Director of Photography


Resce La Lune (Documentary, Short, 2015) 8:07

Co-director/Director of Photography


The Stock by Sara Cardillo (Short, 2015)

Director of Photography


Dark Mind by Samantha Sampedro (Short, 2015)
Director of Photography


Connessione (Experimental, Short, 2015) 2:37

Director/Director of Photography/Editor


Jump Teacher by Fabio Romanelli (Narrative, Short, 2015)



L’inocente by Denis Nazzari (Short, 2015) 7:45



Selfie by Roshni Lodhia (Short, 2015)

Director of Photography


L’arancia (Narrative Short, 2015) 2:30

Director, Cinematographer

A story of a newly arrived immigrant kid who cannot find his place and doesn’t understand the world around him due to the language barrier. The film highlights potential risks associated with displacement and alienation at such a crucial adolescent age. It also directs attention at us – the bystanders – putting us in the spotlight and asking to react.


Mugen: Life of a Fighter (Feature Documentary, 2016 – in production)


I came on board of this project at the latest stage as it’s nearing its third year of production. The story follows the life and rise of the MMA fighter Mark “Mugen” Striegl, currently represented by ONE FC. Born in Japan, Mark is following his Filipino roots while representing the Philippines on the arena.

I was the main camera person for the project on the three latest shoots in Malaysia, Singapore and in the Philippines.


Palm Weavers of Carey Island  (Narrative Trailer, 2015) 4:58


Production of this trailer was founded under the Malaysia Documentary Pitch Trailer 2014 and was presented during the MCMC/MyDocs documentary pitch in April 2015 and won production funding.


Ernest Zacharevic (Documentary, Short, 2015) 5:56

Self-shooting Director/Editor

A short story commissioned by Fashion TV in Singapore for their new Art and Design Channel (to be launched in the summer 2015). Story follows a day in the life of this iconic Lithuanian artist of Penang.


Stolen (Narrative, Short, 2015) 12:36


Journal of a girl who once forced into prostitution, escaped and tries to come back to the “life as usual”. A lyrical tale of depression and healing.


Searching for hell: Welcome to Kawah Ijen (Documentary, Collaborative Feature, 2015) 15:25 from 1:16:28

Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Producer for the Indonesian chapter of the story

5 international filmmakers track stories of metaphorical and literal hells around the word. Hell exists, they find it in Russia, USA, Japan, Indonesia and Kongo, it’s just not what you think it is.

I conceptualised and singlehandedly shot the story from Kawah Ijen volcano in East Java, Indonesia.


Spinning a yarn? (Experimental Short, 2014) 4:57


Experimental Short Documentary. Life lessons from a silkworm. A bit of a fable, but is it really just spinning a yarn?

First Prize Winner of “Faces of Wisdom” Film Festival.


NEW HOPE: Wayang Kulit (Documentary, Short, 2014) 6:30


A short published in the Wall Street Journal. A story of an unusual fusion of the iconic Star Wars and the traditional shadow play called Wayang Kulit. There is now a new hope for that disappearing art.


Chinese High Tea (Documentary, Short, 2013) 7:32


Short documentary. A visit to a Chinese Tea House reveals the magic of this beverage.


Confined (Experimental, Short, 2012) 2:00


Grand Prize Winner of “India is Challenge” by Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Short based on lives of Rajasthani women of yore.


Living the Love (Documentary, Short, 2012) 17:12


Documentary about pilgrimage of Thaipusam where love, trust and devotion merge into an expression of faith through self-sacrifice.



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