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Spinning a Yarn?

June 11, 2014
Documentary, Experimental, Film

Spinning Title


The new short, “Spinning a Yarn?” is a transcendental journey. As the unusual protagonist, a silkworm, spins a yarn about his fellow kind’s regrets, an unexpected parallel strikes surprisingly close to home.

I had a pleasure to film it last year in Muang Thee, Isaan (Thailand) and it was only possible thanks to help of those amazing people:

- Joy Pasakanon and the whole Pasakanon family
- Goob Gift (Gip) and her family
- JJ Harrison
- Brandon James
- Weavers from Ban Tha Sawang
- Richie Bennett


The film is not yet available online as it now on it’s festival circuit. “Spinning a Yarn?” has already won a grand award at the Faces of Wisdom Film Festival in Helsinki.

Official Selection:
- Faces of Wisodm Film Festival, Finland (April 2014) – Grand Prize Winner
- Long Beach Indie, USA (August, 2014)
- Avvantura Zadar International Film Festival, Croatia (August, 2014)
- Seoul international Extreme-Short Image and Film Festival, South Korea (September, 2014)
- Film Fest Granada, Spain (October, 2014)
- Festival de Cine Rural Arica Nativa, Chile (October, 2014)
- BOGOSHORTS, Colombia (December, 2014)
- Eastern Breeze International Film Festival, Canada (May, 2015)


Director/DP/Editor/Producer: Gloria Kurnik


// Camera : Canon 5d Mark II
// Lenses : Canon 100 f2.8 IS, Canon 17-40 f4
// Editing/Grading : After Effects, Premiere Pro



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